Social Disrupt
Working with Key People of Influence to grow their brand and create unique digital products which offer revenue making opportunities.



The way we’ve been taught to work is perfectly suited for a World that no longer exists.


Social Disrupt is owned and managed by Simon Bateman. Having built, run and sold his own fitness franchise previously, Simon spent most of his time creating new marketing campaigns and supporting his network of franchises to secure new sales every month. Based on poor experiences with other “social media experts”, Simon wanted to create a new type of digital partner that was able to support and grow with you and actually work just as hard to help deliver success without hiding behind misleading metrics.

It is this straight forward approach that has helped us to become the trusted digital partner to some of the UK’s most recognised business leaders.

“Most businesses haven’t changed to match the way people buy today, what we realised was that all people really want is to have conversations. Our number one aim is to help you create engaging opportunities to get close to your customers.’’

Simon Bateman, MD